Third Tabernacle Beth El, Greensboro

Third Tabernacle Beth El, Greensboro

Church of God and Saints of Christ

Elder A. Kevin Medlin, Local Pastor
1006 Dunbar Street, Greensboro, NC 27401
(910) 684-8392) |Email Us

History of the Tabernacle

At the turn of the century, a congregation in Greensboro, North Carolina was formed by Evangelist L. C. Grimes in 1907. The zealous minister who was assigned to gather the lost sheep of the House of Israel was Elder E. W. Thomas. He began preaching on the streets, converting many souls. The religious body in Greensboro was received in the city, schools and community with respect.

History of The Ministers and their Pastorage:

  • Elder E. W. Thomas
  • Elder Melvin Chambers
  • Elder John Monroe
  • Elder Isom W. Person
  • Elder Curtis Person
  • Evang. Judah A. Person, Jr., Interim Local Pastor
  • Elder Franklin H. Benson
  • Elder Curtis Adair, Sr.
  • Elder William Brown, Interim Local Pastor
  • Elder Asa McNeil, Sr.
  • Elder A. Kevin Medlin, Interim Local Pastor

To date the membership is committed to advancing the work of Prophet William Saunders Crowdy and not letting the glorious banner trail the ground.